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The Artistry Unveiled

In the heart of sartorial elegance lies the enchanting tale of Our Love, a clothing label that weaves dreams into every stitch. Our Love transcends boundaries, creating silhouettes that are not just garments but canvases of self-expression. The versatile creations embody the essence of classic style.

Our Story 

A Tapestry Woven with Nature's Threads

In the atelier of Our Love, the air hums with the symphony of creativity. Just as the earth nurtures and sustains, we thrive to create ensembles that leave a positive imprint on the world. Each creation is a chapter, carefully crafted to reflect the magic of the existence around us. Our designers embark on a quest to capture the whispers of the wind, the dance of leaves, and the ever-changing hues of the sky, translating them into wearable tales of art and fashion.


Embracing the Essence of Nature

Just as a flower unfolds its petals in perfect synchrony with the sun's gentle touch, our craft unfurls to reveal the inherent beauty ingrained in the fabric of existence. Our vision is rooted in the belief that every piece of clothing should not just be adorned, but connect with the essence of Mother Earth. We embrace the existence and law of nature, drawing inspiration from its intricate patterns using surface exploration and hand-embroidered details.

Craftsmanship - The Heartbeat of Our Love

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship is unwavering. Our Love creations are timeless pieces, carrying the echoes of tradition and innovation, creating a legacy that transcends the transient nature’s essence on textiles. Our makers are the most valued to us, they employ a delicate balance of hand and machine work with attention to detail and exemplary workmanship that creates magic in our ateliers every single day. 

Legacy artwork is intricately integrated, adding a touch of timeless details such as French knots, Dori work, 3D bead/sequin work, floral appliqué, and zardozi embroidery.

The Visionary Behind Our Love

Meet the founder – a collective of diverse talents united by a profound love for God and its divine existence, a shared commitment to redefining luxury. At the helm is Arushee Chaudhri Kapoor, the creative force whose journey began at NIFT, Delhi. Our Love emerged from the fertile ground of Earth's inspiration and was ignited by her entrepreneurial spark.

In May 2019, Arushee unveiled her inaugural ready-to-wear collection, drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of nature to craft pristine and majestic ensembles. More than just a brand, 'Our Love' is her aesthetic expression of affection transformed into wearable masterpieces. It extends an invitation to every woman, urging her to embrace and express her individuality with grace.

As the driving creative mind behind the brand, Arushee sees fashion not merely as attire but as a powerful means to empower and inspire. For her, it transcends clothing, telling a compelling story of love, allure, and authenticity. The global influence of Our Love is a testament to Arushee's manifestation and exploration, as she traverses the globe to draw inspiration from the captivating marvels gracing every corner of the world. Join us on this journey of elegance, empowerment, and artistic authenticity with Our Love.

Our Love Lifestyle - Art Meets Wearable Canvas

In the world of Our Love, the graceful dance of femininity intertwines with the strength of power, and the harmony of professionalism mingles seamlessly with the free spirit of creativity. Each stitch tells a story of the enchanting forces at play. Step into a realm where luxury is not just worn; it's lived. Experience the synergy of artistic vision and technological prowess, resulting in functional and practical silhouettes that epitomise modern luxe.