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Inspired by the neon billboards and fireworks from the streets of Tokyo harmonised by the beautiful sakura flowers & the grandeur of nature which teaches us to slow down. A unique amalgamation of modern silhouettes, intricate embroidery, laser-cut flowers, appliqué techniques and lace insertions with vibrant hues. 

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Bonbon DressBonbon Dress
Bonbon Dress Sale price₹9,000.00
Bellerose DressBellerose Dress
Bellerose Dress Sale price₹13,000.00
Mystic Co-ord SetMystic Co-ord Set
Mystic Co-ord Set Sale price₹15,000.00
Kelly DressKelly Dress
Kelly Dress Sale price₹9,500.00
Cassia Shirt DressCassia Shirt Dress
Cassia Shirt Dress Sale price₹11,500.00
Sunflower JumpsuitSunflower Jumpsuit
Sunflower Jumpsuit Sale price₹15,000.00
Floris JacketFloris Jacket
Floris Jacket Sale price₹6,500.00
Sun Midi DressSun Midi Dress
Sun Midi Dress Sale price₹15,000.00
Bloom Shirt with Bugira JacketBloom Shirt with Bugira Jacket
Bloom Shirt with Bugira Jacket Sale price₹14,500.00
Shinjuku Jumpsuit With Sleeves & Hibiscus BeltShinjuku Jumpsuit With Sleeves & Hibiscus Belt
Shinjuku Jumpsuit With Lotus SleevesShinjuku Jumpsuit With Lotus Sleeves
Nora Pant Suit With Yuri BeltNora Pant Suit With Yuri Belt
Nora Pant Suit With Yuri Belt Sale price₹27,300.00
Nora SuitNora Suit
Nora Suit Sale price₹23,400.00
Petal Shirt & Brinley SkirtPetal Shirt & Brinley Skirt
Petal Shirt & Brinley Skirt Sale price₹15,600.00
Floris Jacket With Boyfriend ShirtFloris Jacket With Boyfriend Shirt
Floris Jacket With Boyfriend Shirt Sale price₹11,000.00
Cuba Body Suit & Hana SkirtCuba Body Suit & Hana Skirt
Cuba Body Suit & Hana Skirt Sale price₹18,000.00
Valencia Power SuitValencia Power Suit
Valencia Power Suit Sale price₹24,300.00
Sakura Bralette & Cairo Pant & Fuji TrenchSakura Bralette & Cairo Pant & Fuji Trench
Sakura Bralette & Cairo PantSakura Bralette & Cairo Pant
Sakura Bralette & Cairo Pant Sale price₹14,700.00
Valencia Suit With Yuri BeltValencia Suit With Yuri Belt
Valencia Suit With Yuri Belt Sale price₹28,200.00
It'girl Co-ordIt'girl Co-ord
It'girl Co-ord Sale price₹10,000.00
Ellie Shirt & Sylvan PantsEllie Shirt & Sylvan Pants
Ellie Shirt & Sylvan Pants Sale price₹10,500.00
Freya Co-ordFreya Co-ord
Freya Co-ord Sale price₹18,300.00
Bloom ShirtBloom Shirt
Bloom Shirt Sale price₹9,000.00
Darla BeltDarla Belt
Darla Belt Sale price₹3,500.00
Yuri Harness BeltYuri Harness Belt
Yuri Harness Belt Sale price₹3,900.00
Gardenia BeltGardenia Belt
Gardenia Belt Sale price₹3,400.00
Hibiscus BeltHibiscus Belt
Hibiscus Belt Sale price₹3,700.00
Bloom ShirtBloom Shirt
Bloom Shirt Sale price₹9,000.00
Alora DressAlora Dress
Alora Dress Sale price₹17,500.00
Matcha DressMatcha Dress
Matcha Dress Sale price₹10,500.00
Petal ShirtPetal Shirt
Petal Shirt Sale price₹5,600.00
Sushi DressSushi Dress
Sushi Dress Sale price₹10,000.00
Hana SkirtHana Skirt
Hana Skirt Sale price₹12,000.00
Fuji TrenchFuji Trench
Fuji Trench Sale price₹7,900.00
It'girl JacketIt'girl Jacket
It'girl Jacket Sale price₹5,800.00
Brinley SkirtBrinley Skirt
Brinley Skirt Sale price₹10,000.00
Ellie ShirtEllie Shirt
Ellie Shirt Sale price₹5,000.00
Ikebana DressIkebana Dress
Ikebana Dress Sale price₹11,900.00
Lyla DressLyla Dress
Lyla Dress Sale price₹16,500.00
Sakura BraletteSakura Bralette
Sakura Bralette Sale price₹10,000.00
Shinjuku JumpsuitShinjuku Jumpsuit
Shinjuku Jumpsuit Sale price₹25,000.00
Mystic Shirt WhiteMystic Shirt White
Mystic Shirt White Sale price₹10,000.00