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Inspired by the enchanting blooms of the season which make your heart sing with joy. From the garden of nature, this collection carries the fragrance of spring in its floral and love for embroideries alongside an earthy palette.

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Banana Navy Floral DressBanana Navy Floral Dress
Banana Navy Floral Dress Sale price₹12,000.00
Lit  Half JacketLit  Half Jacket
Lit Half Jacket Sale price₹7,000.00
Philia DressPhilia Dress
Philia Dress Sale price₹12,500.00
Banana Floral Dress WhiteBanana Floral Dress White
Banana Floral Dress White Sale price₹13,500.00
Starseed DressStarseed Dress
Starseed Dress Sale price₹9,500.00
Mood Dress With G O A T JacketMood Dress With G O A T Jacket
Mood Dress With G O A T Jacket Sale price₹17,000.00
Slay Co-ord SetSlay Co-ord Set
Slay Co-ord Set Sale price₹16,300.00
Cinley Belted DressCinley Belted Dress
Cinley Belted Dress Sale price₹17,500.00
Fomo DressFomo Dress
Fomo Dress Sale price₹10,500.00
Almos ShirtAlmos Shirt
Almos Shirt Sale price₹7,800.00
Lover ShirtLover Shirt
Lover Shirt Sale price₹7,500.00
Bae  Shirt With Boujee TrousersBae  Shirt With Boujee Trousers
Bae Shirt With Boujee Trousers Sale price₹12,900.00
Kyra Waist Jacket With Esme TrousersKyra Waist Jacket With Esme Trousers
Arose Black Co-ord SetArose Black Co-ord Set
Arose Black Co-ord Set Sale price₹14,500.00
Bianca Co-ord SetBianca Co-ord Set
Bianca Co-ord Set Sale price₹14,000.00
Lit Jacket with Bloom ShirtLit Jacket with Bloom Shirt
Lit Jacket with Bloom Shirt Sale price₹16,000.00
Bianca Belted Co-ord SetBianca Belted Co-ord Set
Bianca Belted Co-ord Set Sale price₹14,000.00
Alyssa Pant SuitAlyssa Pant Suit
Alyssa Pant Suit Sale price₹21,500.00
Picotin Shirt With Boujee TrousersPicotin Shirt With Boujee Trousers
Picotin Shirt With Boujee Trousers Sale price₹16,500.00
Gossip Girl DressGossip Girl Dress
Gossip Girl Dress Sale price₹9,900.00
Mini-K Dress with HeartsMini-K Dress with Hearts
Mini-K Dress with Hearts Sale price₹8,900.00
G.O.A.T JacketG.O.A.T Jacket
G.O.A.T Jacket Sale price₹8,500.00
Mood Chanderi DressMood Chanderi Dress
Mood Chanderi Dress Sale price₹8,500.00
Elrose TrenchElrose Trench
Elrose Trench Sale price₹14,500.00
Cinnabon Belted DressCinnabon Belted Dress
Cinnabon Belted Dress Sale price₹12,500.00
Tyrion Heart DressTyrion Heart Dress
Tyrion Heart Dress Sale price₹10,500.00
Lea Dress MidiLea Dress Midi
Lea Dress Midi Sale price₹11,500.00
Flora DressFlora Dress
Flora Dress Sale price₹12,000.00
Slay ShirtSlay Shirt
Slay Shirt Sale price₹11,800.00
Arose Belted Shirt BlackArose Belted Shirt Black
Arose Belted Shirt Black Sale price₹10,500.00
Picotin Shirt CopperPicotin Shirt Copper
Picotin Shirt Copper Sale price₹12,500.00
Queen DressQueen Dress
Queen Dress Sale price₹12,300.00
Oh-pop Dress MidiOh-pop Dress Midi
Oh-pop Dress Midi Sale price₹9,300.00
Janet DressJanet Dress
Janet Dress Sale price₹17,500.00
Arose Khakhi Co-ord SetArose Khakhi Co-ord Set
Arose Khakhi Co-ord Set Sale price₹14,500.00
Oomph Bralette and Sassy ShirtOomph Bralette and Sassy Shirt
Oomph Bralette and Sassy Shirt Sale price₹18,700.00
Almos Shirt With Boujee TrousersAlmos Shirt With Boujee Trousers
Almos Shirt With Boujee Trousers Sale price₹11,800.00
Rainbow Bralette With Pants And Carnival TrenchRainbow Bralette With Pants And Carnival Trench
Rosa Pant SuitRosa Pant Suit
Rosa Pant Suit Sale price₹20,000.00
Zenna Shirt With Bralette & Electric Flared PantsZenna Shirt With Bralette & Electric Flared Pants
Zulu Bralette With Shirt And Beckett SkirtZulu Bralette With Shirt And Beckett Skirt
Geneva Bralette And Pants With TrenchGeneva Bralette And Pants With Trench
Jade Suit With Bralette And PantJade Suit With Bralette And Pant
Jade Suit With Bralette And Pant Sale price₹21,000.00
Jade Pant SuitJade Pant Suit
Jade Pant Suit Sale price₹17,000.00
Mini-K Dress With Lit JacketMini-K Dress With Lit Jacket
Mini-K Dress With Lit Jacket Sale price₹15,900.00
Bianca Belted ShirtBianca Belted Shirt
Bianca Belted Shirt Sale price₹9,500.00
Kinsley DressKinsley Dress
Kinsley Dress Sale price₹13,500.00
Rosa BlazerRosa Blazer
Rosa Blazer Sale price₹15,000.00
Banana Floral Dress Sea SaltBanana Floral Dress Sea Salt
Banana Floral Dress Sea Salt Sale price₹12,000.00
Flota Wrap Cape Dress RaspberryFlota Wrap Cape Dress Raspberry
Flota Wrap Cape Dress Raspberry Sale price₹11,500.00