about us

A sprout of ambition, watered with dedication is what has bloomed into Our Love Label today and we are proud to keep it growing forevermore. Taking its inspirational root in the soil of the earth and an entrepreneurial spark, lit from education at NIFT, Delhi, Our Love is the brainchild of Arushee Chaudhri, who is forever watching the world with wide eyes to imbue its beauty into her designs. The absolute goal of the brand is to create pieces that bring joy, that are timeless, functional, and above all beautiful. Our Love Label was thus borne with the undying desire to bring inspired clothing to life, tailored to perfection, woven with the skilled hands of our talented team of craftspersons. The name itself is a symbol of our dedication to our creations, a tribute to the hours spent on collating mood-boards, colour palettes, testing fabric swatches, doodling embroidery motifs and exploring surfaces, ultimately bringing these designs to life, only for another round of testing fits and styling these pieces. 


We now pass the Our Love baton to you, an invitation to luxuriate and enjoy these pieces. Each one is tailor-made, just for you, because you, the woman of today deserve to feel loved.  Consider these as a toast to you, the women we love, from Our Love

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